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    Our mission is to awaken the love of music in children, youth and adults, thus creating values such as responsibility, honesty, discipline, leadership, commitment, selflessness, and self-esteem. All values that lead an individual to integrate seamlessly and effectively in this society and competitive world. 

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  • "My autistic son LOVES his cello lessons with Carlos. In only one month, he could play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Great teaching system. Patient, supportive, and caring instructor. And the end of the year recital is so special! Nothing else like this place out there for our kids! Highly recommend!"

    Ileana Herrera

  • "My daughter use to be very shy but Carreno Music Academy helped her to be more confident not only in stages during performance but also in school. I'm so bless and proud to be a part of this great music school. I highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you teacher Elizabeth"

    Margaret Brown

  • “It is always a pleasure to hear guitar students that have studied with Aureo. They all possess the most important basic fundamentals of good guitar playing including a beautifully developed sound. They also share a wonderful combination of passion and discipline in their approach to their study. The students are fortunate to have the guidance of such an expert teacher!”

    Gloria Pryor

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