• Carreño Music Academy is a company dedicated to teaching instrumental music ranging from folklore to popular music, and orchestra. Our company is composed of a team of graduated and recognized musical teachers. We hold more than fifty years of musical teaching expertise since its founders and owners form part of one of the most recognized families in the musical field such as the Carreño family. In this family you’ll find orchestral directors, choir directors, percussionists, flautists, clarinetists, violinists, cellists, guitarists, pianists, violists, singers, composers, and mu-psychotherapists who have dedicated their lives to the formation of music in their native country, Venezuela.

    Our study programs are designed so that in a few classes students learn and have fun. Our learning system, ranges from early musical stimulation for infants, to a systematic method of teaching that includes everything from the basics of music to the most advanced, all within a dynamic, fun-wealthy competition, and public presentations.That is the key to our success!!!

    Create-sing-play and discover the wonderful world of music with Music Academyby Carreño!!!!