• A Place to Grow

  • Classical piano lessons are taught in a supportive, nurturing environment. Beginning students are taught the fundamentals of keyboard performance and technique at their own pace, while advanced students work their way through a wide-ranging repertoire of classical masterpieces.

    Before the first lesson, Mrs. Elizabeth will meet with the student and parents to assess the student’s goals and to form a plan that meets those goals. This highly individualized plan empowers the student to progress towards his or her own goals at a comfortable pace. 

  • Classical piano lessons cover the following principles:

    • Keyboard technique
    • Phrasing and tonality
    • Music notation and sightreading
    • Music theory and harmony
    • Interpretation and musicality

    Students and teachers meet weekly. At the end of each semester, each student will have the opportunity to present their work in a recital for students and parents.